for all women trying to conceive

What you will find

different types of classes that bring various health benefits for your fertility journey 

Each and every type of yoga style comes with its own benefits. These yoga classes are all created with with female health and fertility in mind.

Meditation offers multiple health benefits such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing self-awareness and overwell well-being. 

Find guided manifestation classes to help you visualise and start showing trust in your body again.

Breathwork is for everyone, our exercises focusing on boosting fertility while they also help relief stress and much more.

Pilates is an excellent way to build a strong body in a nurturing way. The classes focus on building a strong core and increasing the blood flow to your pelvis.

By treating yourself to womb and fertility massage you can find a deeper connection to your body, but also enjoy the possible physical benefits as increased bloodflow.

"The journey of trying to conceive is beautiful and should be filled with excitement and hope. Instead, a lot of women experience feelings of stress, anxiety and distrust in their bodies - I know this from my own experience. Whether you have just started your journey or have been trying for a long time, Mind and Womb offers a variety of classes for each part of your journey."

Your menstrual phase  |   Your follicular and ovulation phase   |   Your luteal phase

First trimester of pregnancy  |   IVF   |   Miscarriage


find other natural ways that can help your fertility journey 

Do you find it hard to know what is best to eat, or miss inspiration on how to use the ingredients? These recipes focus on foods known to help fertility, e.g. by adding antioxidant and vitamins. 

Find a collection of articles that will discuss different topics with a holistic health perspective on fertility. You will also be able to read inspiring storys from other women. 

Meet the teachers

meet our mind and womb teachers, all with their own specific knowledge on female health and fertility